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Eclectic: noun. a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

EWM is here to entertain and educate you with fun, trendy, informative topics, helpful ideas, how-to’s, recipes, interviews and more.

Whether it’s a fun way to reinvent or up-cycle something for your home, a realistic approach to making a dietary change, teaching you how to do something that you never thought possible, or getting you thinking about something in a new way, your time at EWM will be as fun and enjoyable as chatting with your bestie over a cup of your favorite coffee.

At EWM it’s our heart’s desire to encourage, empower and be a genuine source of learning to those of you who are trying to find a way to earn online by introducing you to real women who have successfully created incomes and businesses from home…or perhaps even from an R.V!

  • EWM will connect you with the best online products and resources so you can try them too.
  • EWM will show you how to do that craft or diy project that you didn’t think you were creative or handy enough to do.
  • EWM will encourage and inspire you to take control of your health and live your life vibrantly; whether it’s by eating better, or trying something new like yoga or pilates.
  • EWM will get you excited about trying new foods, new recipes and anything else that you can do with food.
  • And because we are all eclectic women, we may just surprise you with something entirely new that we haven’t even thought of yet!


Meet Maureen and Kelly, the talented mother-daughter duo behind the pages of EWM.

Kelly ManchaKelly is a major foodie who loves to cook and doesn’t let living the tiny house lifestyle stop her from trying new recipes. She is a talented writer and artistic digital graphic designer.

A former member of the Riatta Ranch Cowboy Girls Trick Riding Team she loves horses. She has traveled extensively in both the lower 48 states and abroad.

Kelly’s adventurous spirit never lets her miss an opportunity to explore, mountain climb, kayak or snowboard.

Kelly left a lucrative tech career at Apple to spend the past year following her dream of working online while exploring the West Coast traveling and living the tiny house lifestyle in her fifth wheel.

Maureen Mancha EWMMaureen has years of craft and DIY projects under her belt. With her own eclectic style, over the years she filled her family home with custom pieces she personally hand-built, sewed, refinished, or reupholstered to satisfy her personal style and create a beautiful custom home.

Today Maureen lives in a beautiful spot on the river in her fifth wheel where she continues to recover from toxic black mold poisoning due to hidden mold in the very same beautiful custom home she and her husband built together. The couple spent 25 years raising their family in the very same home that silently became covered in invisible toxins forcing her to leave everything behind to save her life. In addition to the mold poisoning Maureen battles Lyme disease caused from a tick bite and it wasn’t  until October 2016, after over 20 years of chronic illness that the Lyme and mold poisoning were diagnosed. Maureen continues to research and practice non-traditional alternative healing modalities to detox, heal and live a more vibrant lifestyle.

Kelly and Maureen’s combine online experience include selling retail on Amazon and Ebay, creating and selling custom jewelry and writing, publishing and marketing ebooks and ecourses.

Readers with an eclectic basket of interests will relate to this millennial/baby-boomer team.

Between them, they have:

  • Tried the diet
  • Battled the illness
  • Experienced the panic attacks
  • Earned the money online when traditional 9-5 jobs didn’t work for them
  • Made the crafts
  • Traveled in the R.V.
  • Built the desk
  • Up-cycled the roadside rescue
  • Grew the garden
  • Canned the food
  • Raised the chickens
  • Climbed the mountain
  • Run the race
  • Glamped the campsite
  • Written the ebooks
  • And even homeschooled the kids

Together, through the pages of EWM they’ll share their insights, tips, recipes, tutorials and interviews for your enjoyment.