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Tips To Stave Off Aging

When I was in college me and some sorority sisters were invited to a Mary Kay party. None of us were over 20 and the lady giving the party was probably our grandmother’s age. We all showed up not sure what to expect. Her plan was to make us all over which sounded fun so we all went along. To this day I’ll never forget the bunch of us all with diversely different hair, skin and eye colors with the same awful blue eye shadow on. She mixed this blue powder with water and when she applied it we all looked a bit like Mimi on the Drew Carey show. We laughed for days about that awful blue eye shadow and not one of us looked natural or better. Like I said earlier, this woman was older, but she was beautiful and had a smooth flawless complexion. One thing I always remembered that she said is that you age 7 days for every day you go to bed without washing your face; especially washing off makeup. Now I don’t know if there is any science behind that or not but it is certainly important to wash your face and moisturize daily to keep your skin looking young.

Aging gracefully takes work for most of us and as we get older it should be our goal to age as gracefully as possible. There are many things a person can do to look younger. No matter what our age is, incorporating even a few of these suggestions into our lives, we can stave off looking old before our time. We may even go from frumpy to youthful in a very short time.

Don’t Dress Too Young

Even when looking youthful is your goal, avoid going overboard and dressing like someone far younger than you really are. Stay away from extreme trends and showing too much skin. This will backfire and have the opposite effect of what you were hoping it would. Look for modern clothing that shows a combination of your style and good taste. And no matter what your age, leggings are not pants, they are intended to be worn with other clothing that covers your derriere.

Take Care of Your Skin

This is one of the biggest beauty secrets. Skin that is taken care of is skin that will look young. And skin that looks young makes your entire appearance change for the better. Cleanse your skin every morning and before bed. Be sure to use a good quality moisturizing cream. Avoid sun overexposure and wear a hat in the sun. These things all add up to vibrant skin that will shave years off of your appearance.

Eat Well

What goes in will come out. And what we eat will show up in every area of our appearance especially your skin. If you indulge regularly in rich, processed foods, your skin will begin to look sallow and unhealthy. Instead, choose healthy whole foods and watch how you begin to glow.

Wear Neutral Makeup

It can be tempting to want to follow all the latest makeup trends. Bright colors are fun, and we can be fooled into thinking they will take us back to our young days. If you choose to experiment with color, use it on one facial feature only, and choose a subtle version of the color. Keep the rest neutral, and you won’t look like you are trying too hard.

Be Active

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. It will make you feel and look younger. Exercise keeps every body system running smoothly, and gives you energy that makes you feel like a younger version of you. It also keeps the blood flowing, which gives you a rosy glow. The added benefit of toning your body gives you the extra bonus of looking youthful and healthy. Exercise will also keep your posture in good alignment. It keeps your bones strong so you can prevent injuries as you get older.

Clean Healthy Teeth

Having a set of yellow or dirty teeth can make even the most beautiful individual look like they are many years older than they really are. Keep your teeth clean through regular brushing and flossing, as well as cutting down on foods that stain them such as tea and coffee. If you must drink alot of coffee, tea or juices then drink them through a straw. Make dental visits a regular part of your schedule and you will always have a beautiful smile not to mention the money it will save you on your dentil bills.


Your best beauty feature will always be your smile. If you were to view two identical people, with the only difference being that one is smiling and one is not, the one smiling will appear younger every time. This simple trick will keep you appearing younger, not to mention it will bring joy to everyone around you. If you are old enough that your skin is a little saggy at the corners of your mouth, a smile will give you a natural lift.

While getting older is an inevitable part of life, no one actually wants to look their age. There are many things a person can do to keep themselves looking young. Give yourself a confidence boost and incorporate a few of these tricks today to look younger and feel great.


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